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Basics of Business

In order to make a business succeed you must have a product or service that is in demand, you must be able to deliver what you are selling, and you must be able to make a profit.  This is usually very complex, and requires careful planning and implementation.

Here are the major reasons most companies fail:

  • inadequate profits
  • poor planning
  • insufficient initial capital
  • too many operating expenses
  • not controlling costs (poor financial management)
  • disaster
  • inadequate sales
  • poor marketing including overestimating demand
  • lack of management controls
  • depending too much on a single client or individual
  • poor decision making
  • growing too fast
  • diversifying from core competencies
  • not providing good service
  • poor internal and external communication
  • too little charged for services
  • failure to adapt to changes in the marketplace
  • failure to adequately train staff
  • not knowing when to quit

e-Clarity provides affordable references for finding resources and developing the strategic business and marketing plans to succeed.  Look over the valuable information and links for business resources, financing options and marketing plans.


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